Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Pearls are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. At Shop2Chic we have many pearl pieces for you to choose from, ranging from casual to formal.

Pearls worn at the office have a classy yet fashionable appearance. In many ways, pearls are best suited for the workplace because they create a refined look. For professional attire, it is best to wear pearls that are simply stated. To accessorize the look below we have added a single strand pearl necklace with a quilted pearl accentuated handbag.

For a daytime look, wearing a bold pearl necklace can keep your casual outfit from looking too bland. Adding a striking blue tie necklace and a double pearl ring to a simple shirt and jeans makes this outfit pop.   

Allow your pearls to take center stage on a night out by wearing Shop2Chic’s stunning stone flower necklace with a LBD and heels. Paired with our double pearl earrings and quilted black evening bag , you and your pearls will make a lasting impression.

How do you wear your pearls?  

Stay chic,

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