Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Pearls are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. At Shop2Chic we have many pearl pieces for you to choose from, ranging from casual to formal.

Pearls worn at the office have a classy yet fashionable appearance. In many ways, pearls are best suited for the workplace because they create a refined look. For professional attire, it is best to wear pearls that are simply stated. To accessorize the look below we have added a single strand pearl necklace with a quilted pearl accentuated handbag.

For a daytime look, wearing a bold pearl necklace can keep your casual outfit from looking too bland. Adding a striking blue tie necklace and a double pearl ring to a simple shirt and jeans makes this outfit pop.   

Allow your pearls to take center stage on a night out by wearing Shop2Chic’s stunning stone flower necklace with a LBD and heels. Paired with our double pearl earrings and quilted black evening bag , you and your pearls will make a lasting impression.

How do you wear your pearls?  

Stay chic,

Thursday, July 16, 2015

You know how the saying goes...

“Don’t wear white after labor day!"  

That means you should be wearing white right now! White will make your Summer tan pop. Grab some white accessories from Shop2Chic and flaunt them before September rolls around!

Stay Chic, 
Laura C


Glide into style this summer with our whimsical accessories...sure to attract!

Black and Clear Acrylic Necklace, Silver Flower Ring with Black Crystals, Arrowhead Enamel Earrings

Blue Tie Necklace, Blue Stone & Rhinestone Bracelet

Stay chic,

Birds of a Feather

Flock to our stylish peacock inspired look. With jewelry as iridescent as feathers, you'll be eye-catching. 

Black & Gold Iridescent Earrings, Silver Flower Ring with Crystals

Stay chic, 

Sweet Summer 2

Be the apple of their eye!

Green Flat Link Necklace, Green Acrylic Necklace

Red Baroque Sunglasses, Red Teardrop Clip Earrings, Red Patent Leather Tote

Black Round Sunglasses, Monkey Stretch Ring, Yellow Alligator Handbag

Stay chic,

London Window Shopping: Handbags

We went all the way to London to find out we had these same looks right at Shop2Chic! Check out these window displays of designer purses in England and get the similar styles on our site.

Sparkling handbags with chain details will make your outfit sizzle.

Stay Chic,
Kiley & Katie

Red & Black

BE BOLD! Stand out from the crowd in Shop2Chic's dramatic Black and Red accessories! 

Stay Chic,
Laura C

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Just Dotty

There are 101 reasons why you'll look stunning in this dalmatian inspired get up. 

Black and Cream Pearl Necklace, White & Black Polka Dot Ring, Pearl and Rhinestone Bracelet

Stay chic,
Katie & Kiley

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fourth of July

Keep it patriotic this Independence Day with Red, White and Blue Accessories from Shop2Chic

These statement pieces will have you shining like a firework!

Stay Chic,
Laura C