Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Spotlight

How far on your summer reading list did you get this year? It's okay, we understand how hard it can be to really get into a book-especially if you don't exactly consider yourself an avid reader. Luckily, at Shop2Chic we believe that everyone has the ability to channel their inner book-nerd!
With our "Book Spotlight" segment, you'll get the latest insight on books of all kinds - courtesy of our very own book aficionado. Are you a Stephen King fan? Or do you delight in an insightful non-fiction piece? Maybe you're looking to expand your horizons but aren't too sure where to look. We've got you covered... no matter what your fancy!

Autumn's hard at work getting ready for her first book post.
Stay tuned and as always, Stay Chic! 

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