Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Welcome to our Blog!

Hello and welcome to Shop2Chic's very own blog! Our team has cultivated a space where you can find short, sweet, and aesthetically-pleasing posts on the hottest trends in both lifestyle and accessories. Need some advice on how to wear your latest Shop2Chic product? Our blog will cover segments including: designer-inspired pieces, vintage finds, book reviews, the hottest in music, and more! 

Shop2Chic is an online boutique consisting of hundreds of unique and limited quantity items personally selected by its founder and owner, Cynthia Corrao. Cynthia founded the company four years ago from her historic home in Connecticut, where she hosted semi-annual shopping parties. Guests could 'wine and dine' while admiring beautiful jewelry displays. After multiple requests, Cynthia decided to transition from hosting the occasional jewelry party to having a permanent presence online. Follow our blog for your daily dosage of fashion inspiration and helpful lifestyle tips! 

Blog posts will be written by Cynthia and the Shop2Chic Social Media team. Thank you for visiting our blog, and be sure to check out our other social media outlets. We have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

Shop2Chic Social Media team

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