Saturday, September 13, 2014

Alligator Bags

When putting together an outfit, color palette and silhouette are two important elements to consider. Texture is another important factor that is often forgotten. Combining different textures can turn a bland outfit into something visually striking.

An easy way to incorporate texture into an outfit is with accessories. Alligator is a texture that is often thought of as luxurious and sophisticated, however, Shop2Chic is putting a new spin on an old classic with our alligator embossed patent bags.

Cranberry Physician Bag

The rich colors and unique texture of these bags will make them your go-to statement piece.

Yellow alligator bag

If you're looking to add some modern elegance to your wardrobe, get bit by the alligator bag craze this season!

Cranberry alligator handbag

Stay chic,

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